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JBL Co2 Direct test Lihat Ukuran Penuh

JBL Co2 Direct test

  • alat tester pengukur Co2
  • memberikan hasil tes kandungan Co2 dengan akurat pada akuarium air tawar, air laut dan kolam taman

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alat tester pengukur Co2

JBL Co2 Direct test, alat pengukur kadar Co2 pada akuarium air tawar, air laut maupun air kolam taman. Kapan alat test ini dibutuhkan? bila ada kasus masalah ganggang hijau, tanaman yang tidak tumbuh tumbuh atau kematian ikan.

Why test?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most important plant nutrient. Aquarium water usually has values between 2 and 4 mg/l if no carbon dioxide is added. However, a CO2 concentration between 15 and 30 mg/l is recommended, with 20 - 25 mg/l having proven to be optimum levels. This level is not harmful to fish whilst at the same time promoting luxuriant plant growth. Therefore, gradually adjust your CO2 fertilisation unit until this level is attained.

The amount of CO2 which needs to be added to your CO2 fertilisation unit to achieve this value depends on various factors. These factors include water agitation and the intensity of illumination (more light causes plants to grow faster, thereby increasing the required CO2 ) in addition to direct consumption by plants. Thus the correct dose must be determined individually for each aquarium. You can find out more on this by reading the instructions for use of your CO2 fertilisation unit. Tanks with few or no plants such as those preferably used to keep fish from Lake Malawi or Lake Tanganyika do not need to be supplied with additional CO2.


Ringkasan kegunaan produk :

  • alat tester pengukur Co2
  • memberikan hasil tes kandungan Co2 dengan akurat pada akuarium air tawar, air laut dan kolam taman


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Instructions for use of the CO2 Test Set direct in fresh water:
1. Rinse both measuring tubes with the tank water several times.
2. Rinse the syringe with the water which is to be tested.
3. Use the enclosed syringe to fill the measuring tubes with 20 ml of tank water. Make sure that no bubbles form when the sample water is added.
4. Place the measuring tubes on the two circles of the enclosed colour chart.
5a. Add 5 drops of Reagent 1 to the measuring tube which is on the white circle and shake gently.
5b. Then add Reagent 2 drop by drop to the measuring tube, shaking the tube gently after every drop. Count the drops until the water turns a pink colour which corresponds to the measuring tube on the other coloured circle. Look into the measuring tubes from above when comparing the colours.
5c. Add the drops of Reagent 2 drop by drop until the colour remains stable for at least 60 seconds.
6. Every drop corresponds to 2 mg/l of carbon dioxide in the water. The number of drops x 2 equals the carbon dioxide concentration in mg/l. As other acids in the tank water also interfere with the measurement, the blank value must be subtracted from the measured value to obtain an accurate value. The blank value can be determined by taking a water sample of 100 ml of tank water and aerating it with a JBL ProSilent diaphragm pump with an air stone for 15 minutes. Then measure the blank value in accordance with the abovementioned instructions.